Grant for Business Investment

Grant for Business Investment (also known as GBI) is a business grant available in England.  It has equivalent grants in the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Grant for Business Investment (GBI) (previously called Selective Finance for Investment in England) is a grant to support businesses with investment projects which will increase productivity, skills, and employment in economically deprived areas in England. Applicants must show that they need financial help for the project to go ahead. The minimum grant available is £10,000, the grants are administered by the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs).

Businesses of all sizes can apply for GBI, but those that are not small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can only apply if the investment project is located within an Assisted Area.

Most business sectors can apply but there are some restrictions:

  • the European Commission restricts aid to certain sectors such as the steel industry, coal, synthetic fibres, primary agriculture, fisheries and shipbuilding
  • areas of the UK economy which are already fully served as support would lead to overcapacity and displacement of jobs
  • projects which offer purely a local consumer-type service, for example retail or restaurants, would be considered ineligible.

The grants can be used for projects to:

  • launch a new business
  • modernise, expand or re-organise an existing business
  • upgrade a business by introducing innovative new technology or processes
  • take a new product from development to production

The maximum grant assistance in Assisted Areas is up to:

  • 30 or 35% for small companies
  • 20 or 25% for medium sized companies
  • 10 or 15% for large companies

In locations outside of the Assisted Areas small businesses can receive a maximum grant of 20% and medium sized companies a maximum of 10%.

GBI has potential additional grant uplifts and categories of support which may be available in your location. GBI is a discretionary grant and we can add value by helping to maximise your chances of being supported and the value of the grant actually awarded.

Please note that the Regional Development Agencies are currently not making new GBI grant offers pending budget review in the Autumn.

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